Don't Miss Out on the Amazing Benefits of Home Window Tinting & Business Window Tinting

Turn to Extreme Tint for architectural tinting services in St. Cloud, MN

Your car isn't the only thing that can benefit from window tints. That's right - your home can also show drastic improvement with tinted windows. Extreme Tint LLC is your go-to company for home window tinting services in St. Cloud, MN.

Tinting your home's windows can...

Lower your energy bill
Reduce annoying glare
Improve your home's security
Protect your furniture from UV damage

We offer shades with varying levels of effectiveness, from 50% to 5%. Find out what percentage is best for your home - contact us to learn more about our home window tinting services.

Keep the sun out of your employees' eyes

Whether your employees are looking at screens all day or they spend their time ringing up customers, it's important to provide them with a comfortable environment. Something that could set your employees back is harsh window glare. That's why we offer business window tinting services. Our protective films will help reduce eye strain and can also prevent your furniture from fading.

Give us a call to arrange for business window tinting services in St. Cloud, MN.